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Terms and Conditions

Smerch embroiders & prints every weekday between 09: 00-16: 00

Purchase of our goods and / or services shall not take place without the buyer having fully read our general terms and conditions. By making a purchase of goods and / or services from us, you have also accepted our general terms and conditions.

Information in our webshop may be incorrect and we reserve the right to make price changes without notifying them. Our prices may be affected by changes in our suppliers. The prices on our website may be out of date. If the price is out of date when you order an item, you will be informed by us and you will then have the opportunity to waive the purchase.

Some pictures on our webshop, website, product catalogs etc. are only sample images and do not always represent exactly the item with which they are displayed.

For extra additional work steps, there is usually also a cost for performing these work steps. An example of this is when the customer delivers their own clothes for embroidery and these are packaged in such a way that working hours are added for unpacking.

In cases where you have received a fixed price from us, this applies provided that everything is as described when ordering and does not cause extra work or extra expenses. Things that can cause extra expenses are, for example: unpacking according to the customer's wishes and unpacking. In cases where you have received an “from-price indication”, unlike a fixed-priced formal quote, from us, this means that the final price may be higher.


Forced work ie. work that is to be performed urgently with delivery within 72 hours during normal weekly working hours, instead of being booked at the nearest regular free time, will be added 100% to the regular price.

Express service is work outside normal working hours and weekends. Express service is charged 100% at regular price plus a fixed start-up fee per occasion. Express service and / or forced work must be requested in writing via e-mail or on any accompanying delivery note.
If a product arrives at Smerch with incomplete information, the production time is generally extended by at least one working day.
Information on our website may be incorrect, it may be old and out of date. We reserve the right to make any misspellings and misspellings on our website regarding goods and services that we may deliver.


Goods we send usually always leave our warehouse in Uppsala. Should you have a request for an express / bid, we can arrange this at a cost. Then let us know about this, preferably at the same time as the order. We can also arrange direct shipping from our supplier to our customer.
Damaged goods must be reported immediately upon receipt and a damage report must be issued and submitted to the shipping company and to Smerch. If this is not done, we do not accept any claims based on shipping damage.
Estimated delivery times on the website are approximate and are geographically based on where the individual item is stocked, production time and the customer's receipt address. We can not guarantee things that are beyond our direct control and disclaim all responsibility for delays that have been caused by a 3rd party.
We charge a fee of SEK 500 for (non-processed goods) we send to the buyer who is not picked up. Refined goods, goods that we have embroidered / printed on or otherwise changed according to customer order will always be fully charged to the customer.


There is no right of return on ordered goods or processed goods, such as goods with embroidery or print or otherwise altered.
Before you send goods back to us, a complaint must be registered and approved with us, or we must have requested a return. An item is considered to have been submitted for complaint from the date when we physically have the item in our possession.
Our warranty liability only extends to repair, replacement of an equivalent product or credit of the cost of the product in question. It does not include indirect damage (indirect loss) such as loss of profit, expected savings, loss of income or other general property damage. Our warranty liability does not cover damage due to the customer, such as that he has provided incorrect conditions or information or without the approval of Smerch changed in the work / results provided by Smerch.
The right to compensation as above is forfeited if the claim for compensation is not submitted in writing without delay, however no later than within five (5) working days after the customer has received work / product.
For orders and purchases in or in connection with our premises and where we perform work, no right of withdrawal applies. For goods that we have in our own warehouse that are bought at a distance, e.g. by phone, e-mail and website, the 14-day right of withdrawal applies. This applies to non-processed goods, for example goods with embroidery or print.
If you want to exercise your right of withdrawal, contact us via the regular contact options we have indicated, e.g. on our website and on our invoices. No special right of withdrawal applies to special orders for goods that we do not have in our own warehouse. When ordering and purchasing services, no right of withdrawal applies.
By allowing us to perform service / services within or after 14 days from order, you also thereby give your consent not to invoke or demand any right of withdrawal



All goods belong to us until payment is fully settled.
We accept payments via Credit Card and via PayPal.
In the event of non-payment of orders and / or invoices, the buyer receives a reminder via e-mail or letter. If payment is not made despite the reminder, the case is sent to Debt Collection and the Enforcement Officer.


Payment terms are normally 20 days net. In the event of payment after the due date, default interest corresponding to 12% will be charged. Invoice fee of SEK 20 will be added. Embroidery and the profile group and embroidery reserve the right to credit review.


Deviations from may occur and are regulated in business and / or framework agreements between the parties.

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