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Processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, EU 2016/679). The regulation aims to protect the privacy of the individual. Smerch, ("SM"), which is responsible for personal data, is therefore obliged to process your personal data in accordance with the rules of the regulation. For the Swedish Championships, these rules mean in short the following:

Purpose - For what should SM use your personal information? The purpose must be clear and must not be changed afterwards.
2. Relevance - SM will only collect personal data that is relevant to achieve the purpose and purpose for which it was collected. Collection of information that may be "good to have in the future" or "for security reasons" will not take place.
Delete - SM will not store information longer than necessary. As soon as SM no longer needs your personal information, they will be deleted.
4. Access - Only those who need personal information to be able to offer the website Smerch.Store will have access to the information.
5. Protection - Personal data must be protected. SM handles personal data in a way that minimizes the risk that they will be shown to unauthorized persons.
6. Consent / consent - SM will only process your personal data after you have actively consented to the processing.
7. Knowledge - Customers whose personal data SM handles, must know how and for what their data is used. The information must be easily accessible and easy to understand. At any time, a customer must be able to withdraw their consent to the Swedish Championships.
8. Contact with authorities - In some cases, the Swedish Confederation of Trade Unions is obliged to provide information to authorities, for example to the Swedish Data Inspectorate, the Police and Prosecutors. SM's business consists of offering an embroidery, print and profile clothing physically and through

According to the regulation, every registered individual has the right to receive information about and correction of the personal data that has been registered. Upon request to Smerch, it is possible to have your information deleted and account closed.
SM's servers and backups are encrypted and exist in the EU. All material at SM is owned by SM.

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